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Transparent Relationships

Modern team-based approach

High quality products together with TYMIQ

Custom Software Development

The leadership of the company consists of professionals working together for more than 20 years and gaining his programming experience in different areas of human life. Every one of them has unique talents, which complement each other and make the whole picture full. This fact allows us to find genius, flexible and reliable solutions faster than many others, be sure of a successful result and avoid the possibility of making tragic mistakes.
We easily recognize clever programmers and take them on board, constantly increasing the professional level of the team. Together with a warm and friendly atmosphere inside the company, which we believe is also important, it makes it possible to build excellent products and reach any targets.

Modern and powerful project management concept

You will be able to see, even for every single task, when it is estimated, planned, started to be developed, is being tested or ready for review. Together with release plans made up together with you, according to required priorities, you will clearly understand the situation for how it is and recognize problems, if any, immediately, if only they appear. Being fully open and willing for communication and discussions of any issues, we believe in organizing absolutely comfortable conditions to work with us, where you can be calm and do not worry about problems.

24/7 monitoring

We provide you a possibility to monitor the status of your project 24/7

Transparent development process

Our clients have access to lifecycle of every single task, when it is estimated, planned, started to be developed, is being tested or ready for review.

Excellent problem solving

Comfortable communication with any person involved into delivery process.

Team-based approach to solve your business problems

We use a modern team-based approach to solve business problems, which allows us to do it more efficiently with a minimized fault effect.

Professionally organized teams have experienced leaders, gifted programmers and QA specialists working together for a long time in many projects. They have tuned communications skills, know the strengths and duties of each other.

Each team is aimed for a target, as a single organism with a strong sense of responsibility, which leads to the best quality of result product.

Quality of the end product is checked from the very first line of code

To ensure the excellence of developed software we plan and organize QA process so that the quality of the end product is checked from the very first line of code. A high level of automation, where possible, allows us to minimize human mistakes and monitor status on every stage till the end. Where necessary we develop unique individual testing suites to have deep and truly tested functionality if required.
Our QA specialists use the latest testing methodologies and software, which includes all variety of components to perform unit, acceptance, system, integration, usability, compatibility, security, penetration and performance tests, leading to the high quality of a delivered product.
We know how to organize this process to get maximum quality with the lowest costs.
Client Experience

Build a proactive, personalized, and meaningful plan around your needs and objectives.

Delivered Value

Achieve predictable, valuable outcomes through frequent delivery of quality software.

Technical Agility

Organically adopt and evolve practices to move mature organizations forward.

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