Software development

Firmware development

Hardware design

TYMIQ is your provider into IoT world

TYMIQ IoT Development Stack

From Connectivity & Messaging to Hardware Design

Network & Communication

Wi-Fi, LTE-M, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, Ethernet, Bluetooth

IoT Cloud Platforms

AWS IoT, Azure IoT Hub, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud

Programming languages

C/C++,  JavaScript, Python, Java

IoT-Devices and sensors

Analog and digital sensors, 1-Wire sensors, BLE buttons, Inter-IC communication, 3-axis accelerometer, SDI-12 Interface, RS-485 Interface

Protocols and web services

HTTP/HTTPS, TCP, UDP, MQTT, RESTful, OAuth Authorization

Data storage and Processing

MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, MS SQL, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud IoT, ThingsBoard

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